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Our initial goal is to gain a clear understanding of the nature and degree of exposure to any allegations by reference to the defendants contractual obligations and/or duties to the clamant, or in the case of 1st party loss, the nature of the defects requiring rectification. We also seek to quantify any exposure to enable accurate reserving. We then report our views and proposed further action to our client.


Typically we aim to seek an early and cost effective resolution where it is clear that there is an exposure to liability or, where there is a good defense, a robust statement of our position outlining our view on liability.


Where a speedy and cost effective resolution is not possible we are well experienced in all forms of dispute resolution, from mediation and adjudication to arbitration and litigation. We are well versed in responding to pre-action protocol correspondence and acting directly in the defense at mediation. We have also been involved in both arbitration and litigation where the former routes to settlement have not been successful, both in the UK and Middle East.

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